140F - Interviewing a Turkey Hunting Outfitter

Interviewing a Turkey Hunting Outfitter

This week I interview a turkey hunting outfitter to question him about his services and accommodations.

This past spring, my turkey hunting buddies and I chose to hunt in Idaho and Washington for our 2018 out of state spring turkey hunt. We also decided that hunting with an outfitter is how we need to tackle the states that are so far from home due to time constraints and the fact that we need to kill 8 turkeys in approximately 6 days of hunting.

That is a tall enough task when a turkey hunter has an outfitter who knows where the birds are and what they do during the day, but it is an extremely tough task when trying to accomplish that feat on public land that turkey hunter has never been on before.

So, the process of interviewing outfitters started, and I've recorded one of those initial interviews that I had with an outfitter for today's show.

I don't get too terribly in depth with my questioning at this point in the process because I'm taking a list of about 10 outfitters and trying to weed that down to about 3 or 4 outfitters who will move on to the next round of interviewing. 

The next round of interviewing is where I'll dig into more detail about hunting style as well as details about accommodations.

Listen in to this week's interview and see if there is any information you can gleen from it. Also, you will learn how to get my list of 45 questions to ask a turkey hunting outfitter at the end of the episode.

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