149F - Homemade Turkey Callers

Homemade Turkey Callers

We turkey hunters live and die by our turkey callers. Truth is, we don't really need those callers to be successful while turkey hunting, but those callers do help to increase our odds of success and enjoyment of the sport. 

While most commercially sold callers are well worth their money because of the amount of testing and design work done on them, we can make our own turkey callers ourselves very inexpensively and with very common materials. In addition to saving a little money, it is often quite fun to make our own callers and very rewarding to kill a wild turkey using our handmade, homemade caller.

Today, I discuss several homemade turkey callers, which commercially sold caller they most resemble, and where we can learn how to make one ourselves.

Listen in, learn, and get to work making a couple of homemade turkey callers to throw into your turkey vest to use this fall.

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