175F - Grand National Calling Championship and Turkey Soup

Grand National Calling Championship and Turkey Soup

This week I have JR Holley with Dixie Fowl Company and Richard Dunkin with Strutt'n 360 on the show to announce a couple of giveaways that we have partnered up on.

JR is giving away 3 products from Dixie Fowl Company over the next 3 weeks, and Richard is giving away 5 Strutt'n 360 mechanical decoy stakes over the next 5 weeks. Be sure you listen in to learn how to register to win some great prizes from Dixie Fowl Company, Strutt'n 360, and The Turkey Hunter podcast.

After we announce the product giveaways I play back some audio clips from the NWTF Grand National Turkey Calling Championship that took place in Nashville, TN on 2/18/18. Listen in to hear some unbelievably good turkey calling.

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