176F - Wild Turkey Records with Karen Cavender

Wild Turkey Records with Karen Cavender

This week, I have Karen Cavender with the NWTF on the show to talk about the wild turkey records department.  Karen is responsible for gathering and verifying all of the wild turkey records and registration forms that come through the NWTF. I ask her why hunters would want to register their birds with the NWTF, the process that we need to take to register our turkeys, and if there are a few turkeys that have been registered that jump out at her as being the most memorable.

I also announce the first winners of the Dixie Fowl Company giveaway and the Strutt'n 360 giveaway on the show. Big congratulations to John Neal Baston and Jason Giavononne for being our first winners.

And, I finally make the big announcement about the project that I have been working on for the past 6 months as I'm doing a soft launch of my new e-learning website called Turkey Hunting University at www.turkeyhuntinguniversity.com.  I announce a special coupon code for the listeners of The Turkey Hunter podcast to use to watch some of the turkey hunting courses on the site for a discounted price.  I hope that you'll take advantage of that opportunity to up your turkey hunting game by taking a few courses on www.turkeyhuntinguniversity.com.

Listen in for a great interview with Karen and some special information about my new website as well.

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