227F - All About Turkey Chokes with Mike Ponder

All About Turkey Chokes with Mike Ponder with Indian Creek Shooting Systems

This week, I have Mike Ponder, one of the founders of Indian Creek Shooting Systems, on the show to chat about shotgun chokes for turkey hunting.

We talk about shotgun chokes in their simplest form, the advantages of an extended choke and a ported choke. We also discuss how chokes help to separate the wad from the shot when a shell is fired which helps to result in a more consistent pattern from the gun. 

We cover TSS and how it is revolutionizing the hunting industry in allowing hunters to use lighter sub gauges for turkey hunting compared to the guns we were shooting to achieve the same results 10 years ago. 

Listen in and give some thought as to whether or not you are shooting the choke that best suits your hunting style.

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