005: Part 2 - Interview with Harry Whitehead

In this episode of The The Turkey Hunter Podcast, Harry Whitehead with Gunner's Taxidermy in Lexington, KY teaches us how to prepare our trophy Tom turkeys for taxidermy from the instant you pull the trigger until you deliver the bird to the taxidermist. Whether you are mounting a turkey of each subspecies for your Royal Slam or just having the trophy mounted from your first kill, Harry offers tips to help you help your taxidermist deliver the best wild turkey mount possible to you.  Harry describes the best way to skin a turkey for taxidermy and still put the meat in your freezer as well as the proper way to import your Gould's or Ocellated wild turkey into the US from Mexico so that you don't have your trophy confiscated by Customs or the USDA. 

This episode is packed with tons of useful information that you can definitely implement during turkey season to be sure your trophy wild turkey is preserved for years of enjoyment while reflecting back on your hunt.

Please be sure to come back for Part 3 of Episode 005 next week.  I look forward to seeing you then.

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