018 - 8 Keys to a Proper Turkey Hunting Set Up

I venture to say that 80% of whether you are going to be successful on your next turkey hunt depends on where you sit down to call that turkey to you.  You would never charge through the woods at a gobbling turkey in an attempt to kill him, and setting up in the wrong location can have the exact same end result... a light walk back to the pickup truck.

Several factors need to be considered before your hunting spot is selected.  Sometimes we have plenty of time to choose where we want to sit and other times we have mere seconds to make that decision.  The sun, ants, water, the openness of the woods, creeks, valleys, roads, etc are all factors that we turkey hunters have to give thought to before we sit down to call to a turkey.

In this episode of The Turkey Hunter Podcast, I share with you 8 keys to a proper turkey hunting set up.  You'll also hear short stories about how fire ants darn near ruined a hunt for me and how the sun did ruin a hunt for a friend of mine. 

Sit back and enjoy this short episode of The Turkey Hunter Podcast and hopefully you'll think about these 8 keys to a proper turkey hunting set up the next time you are in the turkey woods trying to fill your tag and your freezer.

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