025a: Hunting Lockjawed Gobblers with Korby Taylor

In part 1 of episode 025, Korby Taylor, host of the Wild Game Hunting Podcast, shares his secrets for success hunting lockjawed gobblers.

Lockjawed gobblers are those turkeys that do not gobble, and they can make for a very tough hunt. A gobbling turkey makes our lives easier by giving away his location each and every time he gobbles. If a turkey is not gobbling, then he can hide from us much the same way most other game animals do and make us resort to hunting him the same way we have to hunt those other animals - sitting and waiting.

Korby tells us how he got into turkey hunting, what a lockjawed gobbler is, why some turkeys get silent, strategies to help us fill a lockjawed gobbler tag, and calling strategies for those quiet birds.

Be sure to listen to part 2 of episode 25 next week, when Korby shares the story of his most memorable turkey hunt with us. Korby is an excellent storyteller, and I'm sure you'll enjoy that part of the episode.

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