025b: Hunting Lockjawed Gobblers with Korby Taylor

In part 2 of Episode 025, Korby Taylor, host of the Wild Game Hunting Podcast, shares his calling strategies for gobblers who just aren't talking and giving away their location. Korby also shares the story of his most memorable turkey hunt. It is a great turkey hunting story that involves his favorite hunting buddy and three longbeards.

I also share some exciting news for those of you who want to hunt turkeys out of state but may not have the funds to hire a guide or hunt private land. I've released my new ebook that will literally take you from not knowing where to start to plan a hunt out of state to sitting with your back against a tree surrounded by gobbling turkeys in North Dakota and/or South Dakota. Be sure to listen in to that part of the episode, and also be sure to check out the website where you can purchase the book that will show you how to plan a great DIY Merriam's turkey hunt.

Be sure to tune in to next week's episode where Kinion Bankston and Leon Tilley from Southern Boyz Outdoors and I discuss how to get, and keep, kids interested in turkey hunting.

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