043 - How to Take Quality Video of your Turkey Hunts with Corey New

Corey New with Combat in the Wild and The Turkeyologists is on this episode of The Turkey Hunter Podcast sharing tips on how to take better video footage of our turkey hunts. 

With the popularity of video on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, more and more hunters are sharing their hunts with friends and loved ones via social media so that they can enjoy the success as well.  Videoing hunts is also a great way to extend your season if you live in a state with a short season or low bag limit.  If you are going to take the time and put forth the effort to video a hunt and share it with your friends and family, then you should also put forth the effort to take good video.

Listen in as Corey shares with us the 3 Cardinal Sins to avoid while videoing our turkey hunts, and set up tips as well.

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