073 - Dissecting a Diaphragm Turkey Call with Mitchell Johnston

Today, we are dissecting a diaphragm turkey call with Mitchell Johnston from Dead End Game Calls. Mitchell shares with us what goes into a diaphragm, or mouth, call.

Diaphragm turkey calls are a great method for calling turkeys while keeping your hands free. Diaphragm calls do have a couple of downfalls though. Diaphragm turkey calls can be difficult for the beginning user to master, and some users just can't operate a call because the calls in their mouths make them gag.

Despite these downfalls, diaphragm calls are outstanding hunting calls if you purchase the right one and practice with it often.

Mitchell will teach us the difference in sound between a 2, 3, and 4 reed call as well as the different cuts that go into the top reed of a diaphragm turkey call.


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