120 - Advanced Trapping Sets for Wild Turkey Predators with Trent Masterson

Trent Masterson joins me this week to discuss advanced trapping sets for wild turkey predators.

If you want to have more turkeys to observe and hunt on your property, there are 2 main things that you can do to really help to increase your population.  One of those is to improve the habitat that the turkeys have.  The second activity is to trap predators.

More often than not, those predators that have seen, heard, and smelled other predators caught in traps get wary and hard to catch.  That is exactly what we are discussing in this episode - advanced trapping sets for wild turkey predators.

Because this interview with Trent ran almost 2 hours, I've split the interview into 2 parts.  In this part of the interview, Trent and I discuss advanced trapping sets for nest predators of wild turkeys, so we talk coons, skunks, and possums.

Listen in as we discuss what we need to know to catch these more wary wild turkey predators.

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